Extra, extra fruit jams!

Beyond the fruit and vegetable seasonal production, since year 2009, we started to put our fruits in jars, enrich them with unusual combinations.

Our extra jams are a 100% Natural product:

• We use only fruits of our ochards
• 100 grams of product contains 110-120 grams of pure fruit!
• No preservativesare used: only lemon juice and cane sugar
• We guarantee NO cross-contamination risks
• Gluten free

The fresh fruit has been harvested from our orchards, and delivered directly to the workshop. The particular and innovative process of vacuum cooking (50-60°) mops the fruit’s water and concentrate the jam.

The pure fruit taste has been enhanced by the spicy addition (like cinnamon or chili pepper) or herbs addition (like pepper mint), a perfect combinations with cheese!

Let’s discover your favourite flavour!

   Let's discover your favourite flavour!