Love that comes from the dedication, the tenacity and the humility to keep on cherishing our land.

La Gambarella farm is a family business located in Montorio Veronese, a beautiful village created from natural lakes and water sources, 3km far from Verona city center, closed to Lessini Mountains.

Here, Bianconi family have been producing and selling top quality fruits and vegetables from more than 50 years.
In 2009, thanks to the desire of the sons Alessandro, Gabriele and Saverio to carry on passionately the project started by their parents many years before, the new company Società Agricola La Gambarella was established.
The great passion to their territory and the return to country life soon became for the Bianconi brothers an inner journey.
Since the starting of the new company, the whole family aims to entrust new energy to the farm, expanding and improving the production.
The new orchards have been providing with anti-hail meshes and modern irrigation systems, in order to allow considerable water savings.
Moreover, they introduced the ancient “crop rotation” agricultural technique, with the purpose to reduce the use of chemical treatments and fertilizations and making a sustainable agriculture. In this way, the lands have been reinvigorate in a natural way and, at the same time, the life history of the organisms (which damage the cultivations) will been disrupted in the same natural way.

Alongside the traditional agricultural activities, La Gambarella farm started to produce an exclusive range of extra jams.
Every jam is made only with fresh fruit high content,cane sugar, lemon juiceand thegourmet spices (such as cinnamon or chillies)or herbs (like fresh peppermint).
The product is made by a particular and innovative vacuum cooking process, which mops the fruit’s water and concentrate the jam, to better preserve their original and genuine flavors.
No thickeners or preservatives are used to concentrate the product.